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Skilled Recovery Methods can Eliminate Commercial Water Damage for Clarksville Business Owners

12/6/2016 (Permalink)

Commercial Skilled Recovery Methods can Eliminate Commercial Water Damage for Clarksville Business Owners Repairing walls, floors, and even furniture are skills we take seriously.

Clarksville Business Owners can Eliminate Commercial Water Damage with Recovery Methods

When your business has had a problem with water causing puddles where it should be dry, or running along water lines, you should call a restoration company. The longer these go unnoticed and wait to be repaired, the greater the expense involved in bringing things back to how they should be. Your business deserves better than to be neglected or put off. At SERVPRO, we know how to make things easier for you in returning things to normal when things are not as they should be at your business site.

When your Clarksville business has commercial water damage issues, we can help with restoration and repairs at all levels. Getting things dried out and cleaned up are first on the list. SERVPRO technicians are skilled in locating hidden water, and then determining the extent of it. Airing your building out with very powerful air movers and heaters can help return things to normal, and safe, level of moisture.

Repairing walls, floors, and even furniture are skills we take seriously. While some pieces of furniture dry quickly, without any residual stains, other pieces will need help returning to their former beauty. While many would think certain pieces of furniture beyond repair, we know that with furniture and fabric restoration techniques, we can have your business like new again, from the floor to the ceiling, and everything in between.

Finding out that you have a leak that is wasting countless dollars is only the start of ending your problem with commercial water damage. SERVPRO can help you return things to normal, and ensure that everything is clean, sanitary, and dry again. We'll have everything that is damaged repaired or replaced, and looking new again. We always work together as a team, which ensures thoroughness while allowing us to still work quickly.


Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Just call us, SERVPRO of Montgomery County at (931) 645-1285, for assistance and guidance when there's a water or moisture problem in your business.

Basements can Suffer Flood Damage During Heavy Rains in Woodlawn if Your Foundation is Cracked

11/30/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Basements can Suffer Flood Damage During Heavy Rains in Woodlawn if Your Foundation is Cracked If you suffer a flood in your basement due to rain or broken pipe, call the experts at SERVPRO to remove any water and prevent any mold.

Throughout the year, there are often heavy storms that can cause storm damage. However, one aspect of heavy rains, flooding, is typically seen as above ground. This is true, but an additional threat that homeowners should be aware of is saturated ground next to their home caused by heavy downpours. If there are cracks in the foundation's walls, this water can seep in. Most often, it is slowly at first, but if there are several cracks and crevices, this can create a big mess in your basement rather quickly.
In Woodlawn, flood damage is a common aspect of Tennessee life. With the many lakes and rivers, it's common for these bodies of water to overflow their boundaries and make their way into living rooms. The incoming water can be easily seen in advance, which allows for homeowners to move things to higher areas of your home. But when your basement is accumulating water below you, you might not realize it until much later.
When you see water in your basement, from any source, you should call expert and reliable professionals so they can get the water removed. Then the necessary cleaning and restoration can begin. Until the water is extracted, there is no work that can begin and damage to your belongings, and also to your home, continues and worsens. SERVPRO will not only extract all of the water, but if it is dirty water that contains contaminants, we'll also sanitize your home, making it safe again for you and your family. We'll ensure that things are dry again, so that secondary water damage doesn't affect your home later.
Repairing and restoring your basement's interior should be done after foundation cracks are taken care of. This can be via a new wall or other methods. If temporary methods are used, these should be inspected on a regular basis to help ensure that our restorative work will last. Ensuring your basement is dry is important in keeping mold under control, and also the humidity level in the upper levels of your home. Mold is everywhere, and allowing moisture to infiltrate your home from the basement is completely avoidable.
Call us, SERVPRO of Montgomery County at (931) 645-1285 and we'll get your basement dry again, fast, helping you get everything back to normal again.

The Water Damage Restoration Process For Your Woodlawn Property

11/29/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage The Water Damage Restoration Process For Your Woodlawn Property Water damage of any kind requires water damage restoration.

Water Damage Restoration Process

Water damage of any kind requires water damage restoration. This is a multi-step process that needs to be handled by experts, like our staff at SERVPRO. We are licensed, certified and experienced to give you the services that you would need and expect when water has damaged your home.

Initial Inspection
A certified water damage technician will come out to do a visual assessment of your water damage in Woodlawn. This will help us to determine the right actions needed to reverse any adverse effects from the damage. After this is done and if there are no safety hazards, contents in your home are secured, and restoration will begin.

Containing damage and extracting water as soon as possible is the top priority. Any wet materials on the floor like pillows, throw rugs, toys and clothing are taken out of the affected are. After the water is extracted, we will, if needed, start to remove any surfaces that are wet like ceilings, walls or floors to help speed up the drying process. Sometimes baseboards are removed, and any drywall or wet insulation that is non-salvageable is removed. Cabinet doors and drawers are opened, and toe kicks could be removed to make drying faster as well.

Drying And Stabilizing
Next, we will start the drying process. We have commercial grade equipment at SERVPRO such as dehumidifiers, air movers, heaters and wood floor drying systems to create dry air, raise air circulation and evaporation. The environment will be carefully monitored each day during the drying process, and the progress will be documented. It is crucial to control moisture to prevent any mold growth. Normal drying time is generally between two and four days, depending on the situation and what materials were impacted.

Once drying is complete, our technicians will perform another inspection to ensure there are no pockets of moisture that are hidden. If there are, it could result in additional damage or growth of mold.

After the damage has been mitigated, and your home is returned to a dry state, reconstruction will begin if there is structural damage or other building materials need replacement. In the end, your home will once again be a healthy and safe dwelling.

For any of your water damage needs, contact the professionals at SERVPRO of Montgomery County at (931) 645-1285. We will come out to assess your damages so we can begin a remediation plan right away.

4 Important Reasons to Get Professional Help Wth Fire Damage

11/22/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage 4 Important Reasons to Get Professional Help Wth Fire Damage Navigating the insurance claim process is often cited as a huge hassle by homeowners, but we're able to help make sure your claim gets approved.

You Need Professional Help When Dealing With Fire Damage 

When a fire emergency occurs, it can be devastating. In addition to ruining homes and their contents, fire events leave expensive damages in their wake. The cost of repairing and replacing items often causes homeowners to question whether it would be best to save money by doing their cleanup as opposed to calling a professional. 

If your home has fire damage in Fort Campbell, you may be wondering whether you should call an expert or attempt to do your own repairs. Here are four important reasons why contacting SERVPRO for help is the best route to take.

1. We use industry leading methods and equipment

Standard cleaners available at retail stores won't be effective at battling the smoke, soot, and damage left behind by fires. We use tools that are not only effective but safe, meaning we can work quickly and get your home back in order sooner.

2. Professional knowledge = greater safety

The dangers that come with fire damage cleanup are numerous, and our top priority is minimizing health and physical risks. If you don't have professional training, you'll be more susceptible to getting injured while attempting your own cleanup efforts. When you leave the job to us, you'll gain peace of mind.

3. Our team can restore your possessions

Instead of throwing things out, SERVPRO works to salvage and restore. This saves you money in the long run and prevents the need to purchase new items, documents, books, and appliances.

4. We'll help with your insurance claim

Navigating the insurance claim process is often cited as a huge hassle by homeowners, but we're able to help make sure your claim gets approved. We'll communicate with adjusters and ensure you have everything for your claim.


Locally Owned Company with National Resources

At SERVPRO of Montgomery County, our goal is to get your home back in top shape while keeping your family safe. We have the knowledge and tools to handle all types of fire damage effectively. To get a quote or obtain more information about our fire damage restoration services, call us 24/7 at (931) 645-1285.

Learn More About Fire Damage And Smoke Behavior In Cunningham!

10/30/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Learn More About Fire Damage And Smoke Behavior In Cunningham! Call SERVPRO quickly if you suffer fire or smoke damage to start the repair process!

Property owners go out of their way to provide training to their occupants or staff and show them what to do during a crisis, they install all of the equipment, safety stations and prepare for the worst. After a fire hits their home or commercial property, there needs to be someone to turn to that is going to put forth as much effort to assist them and that someone is SERVPRO.

When you are looking for fire damage restoration in Cunningham, begin and end your search with our expertly trained Technicians. Our entire staff is here to make the process as easy as possible while providing assistance in dealing with all the mind-numbing paperwork.

The Technicians at SERVPRO understand how smoke behaves during a fire and we put this knowledge to work helping to determine where the best place is to start the inspection of your property after fire damages it.

It is a well-known fact that hot air rises and causes cooler air to drop. So, the fluctuations in temperature both inside and outside of the smoke itself can cause movement. But, the fire itself also draws cooler air to it, heats it and pushes it away again.

The movement is an ongoing process throughout the length of the event, creating a constant flow and circulation of hot and cold air. Forcing the steady stream of air to create burn patterns throughout the area caught up in a fire.

Remember being told to drop to the floor if you get caught inside of a smoke-filled room? That's because the highest concentration of smoke particles, ash, and heat are near the ceiling. Not only is it horrible to breathe, but it's also moving incredibly fast, fast enough that it leaves behind smoke residue and damaging heat lines all over your walls and ceiling.

Hot smoke will move to cold surfaces such as walls, windows, closed drawers, closets and other rooms not affected by the fire yet. With this movement, hot smoke leaves deposits of tar and smoke residue all along these surfaces.

It's not hard to imagine the extreme damage left in the wake of a fire. But, hardly anyone considers the damage left behind by the smoke. SERVPRO Technicians know that smoke damage can sometimes be far worse than the damage the fire caused.

Don't forget, SERVPRO of Montgomery County is here to assist you with all of your restoration needs. Don't hesitate to give us a call 24/7. - (931) 645-1285

Methods to Clean and Remove Mold

10/14/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Methods to Clean and Remove Mold Call SERVPRO quickly when you see or smell mold to start the remediation process!

SERVPRO Has a Thorough Process for Mold Remediation

Flooding and other water damage is a recurring problem along the Kentucky/Tennessee border. Homes and businesses deal with it almost every year. What many of them do not realize is that getting rid of the water is just the beginning.

Mold damage in the Fort Campbell area can be scary looking. Seeing black streaks or patches on ceilings and walls unnerves most people. SERVPRO has the training necessary to find the extent of the infestation and the equipment and experience to remove it in a timely and effective manner using a number of methods approved by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification).

Direct Spraying
We use a hand pump or powered sprayers to apply disinfectants and other chemicals to mold infested areas. Since this method does wet the surface being cleaned, our technicians use this equipment on areas where there is unlikely to be any discoloration of the surface.

Wet Fogging
We use ultra low volume (ULV) foggers to disperse water-based disinfectants and deodorizers. They generate tiny particles that penetrate into most areas. Since this does create additional moisture, our technicians will remove any furniture and other property that might be damaged by this method. If there are items that cannot be removed, they will be covered with drop cloths to protect them.

Dry Fogging
This type of fogging (also called Thermal Fogging) is used where mold has been discovered, but there has otherwise been little or no water damage. Dry-fogging uses solvent based cleaners and deodorants which are heated and forced through a vaporizer. This converts the chemicals into minuscule particles. As with wet fogging, this allows them to penetrate into most areas. Since there is no significant moisture added, this method is preferred whenever possible.

Ventilation and Air Scrubbing
As different cleaning methods are employed, the rooms and other affected areas must be ventilated. Our technicians accomplish this by setting up high-velocity exhaust fans (box fans) to blow out any mold particulates before cleaning begins. This helps to ensure that any mold spores released while cleaning are blown outside your building. This also helps to reduce the amount of time required to elapse before occupants are allowed back in.

As mold is removed from carpets, floors and other property; the air must be cleaned as well. We use specially designed HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters to remove mold as well as odors and other particulates from the air in an affected area. They are extremely effective in removing particles and then re-circulating clean air back into the room.

Mold removal is an extensive process, but it can be done swiftly and effectively with the right team behind you. If you suspect you have a mold infestation, call us today at (931) 645-1285. SERVPRO of Montgomery County is ready to serve you.

Can My Electronics be Saved After a Flood?

10/2/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Can My Electronics be Saved After a Flood? Don't turn that TV on after it gets wet! Call SERVPRO quickly to assess!

Taking Certain Steps Quickly Can Help Save Electronics in your Home

After any flood, the damage to your home's contents can be severe. Not only are furniture, flooring, and documents at risk, but electronics can also be ruined by water. Televisions, computers, power tools, appliances, and other devices require immediate attention to have the best chance of being saved.
Homeowners with flood damage in Clarksville, TN typically have electronics that they're worried about, whether the flooding was caused by a storm or burst pipe. Not only is replacing these items an extra expense but going without certain electronics for even a short amount of time can be a huge inconvenience. Whether any specific piece of electronic equipment can be restored or saved depends on a number of factors.
It's not just the standing water in a flood-damaged house that poses a threat to electronics, but humidity as well. This becomes a bigger issue the longer it takes to get the flood damage restoration process started. Our team will dehumidify your home to get things stable and decrease the chance that your electronic devices will incur damage.
Exposure to Water
The less water that has been in or around an electronic device, the more likely it can be saved. For instance, a microwave sitting on a wet counter can have the excess water wiped from its base, while a laptop that's been submerged in water is a much greater challenge and may not be salvageable. SERVPRO takes special measures when handling electronics in a home with flood damage, which can often save the equipment.
Preventing Further Damage
When you call SERVPRO after your home has encountered flood damage, it's important to avoid turning on your electronics. It's tempting to see if each item still works, but doing so can increase the chances of irreversible damage. Once we're on the scene, we'll quickly work to save your electronic equipment if at all possible.
If you need to restore your home after a flood, count on the experts at SERVPRO of Montgomery County. We'll do our utmost to help you keep your possessions and avoid the cost of replacement. For more information about our flood damage services or to get a quote, call us at (931) 645-1285.

The 411 on Water Removal

8/28/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage The 411 on Water Removal SERVPRO of Montgomery County will take care of your water damage like it never even happened.

Water Removal 411

With Dry Fork Creek the nearest body of water, residents don't usually worry about flood waters creating and running down into their neighborhoods. The flooding concerns in our area come from excess rainfall in a thunderstorm that overwhelms an inadequate or broken storm drainage system or from a breakdown in a home's plumbing structure.

Regardless of the source, water removal in the Fort Campbell area needs to be accomplished in a swift and professional manner. SERVPRO has the experience and equipment needed to take care of the job, no matter how large or small.

Every office maintains a 24 hour, rapid response team. Available to our technicians are a series of vacuums and pumps designed for private homes as well as commercial facilities. Since power is often knocked out due to a thunderstorm or a water compromised electrical system, we also maintain a fleet of portable generators and generator trucks to ensure uninterrupted service.

After we have the water pumped out, our technicians then deploy our inventory of commercial grade dehumidifiers and fans to remove any lingering moisture in the air. Our experienced removal team can save furniture varnishes from leeching into floors and carpets, staining them permanently.

If you don't have a situation requiring our removal services now, that means it's the perfect time to prepare for the next storm or plumbing mishap. We offer a complimentary inspection to our customers to help prepare them for those future disasters. This includes a check of your home's storm drains to make sure your gutters are clear and that all piping is connected and securely fixed to the roof and walls of your residence.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

As a locally owned business, SERVPRO of Montgomery County knows that customer support also means neighbor support. Our employees are also from the area and understand exactly what it's like to be knocked out of your home due to flooding.

What Causes Black Mold? SERVPRO's Guide To Saving Your Home

8/4/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation What Causes Black Mold? SERVPRO's Guide To Saving Your Home Mold in your Clarksville home can be a very serious ordeal.

SERVPRO's Guide To Saving Your Home From Black Mold

Mold in a home can be a very serious ordeal. While there are several things that affect whether your home has mold growing or not, the development of mold comes down to just a few things. Most of the time, if you're diligent and progressive about your problems, you can prevent mold from occurring. However, if you don't take care of the problem, you'll never get rid of the mold- it'll keep coming back time and time again, even if you repair the area that was moldy or decayed. Because of this, it's imperative to take care of the issue in a timely fashion to ensure that your home isn't the cause of many expensive repairs.

Where Does Mold Come From?
Mold damage in Clarksville doesn't just come from nowhere. In many situations, mold just floats through the window and establishes itself in your house on wet or porous surfaces. When this happens (or when people carry mold into the house on their shoes or clothing) mold spores settle in various places all over your home. This starts the growth process and leads to more problems.

The best way to deter mold growth is by keeping doors and windows shut when the weatherman tells you that the pollen and mold counts are high for the day. Secondly, eliminate any leaks on the siding, roofing, and windows that might let spores in, too. Check and repair leaky sinks immediately to prevent moisture build up, and turn on exhaust fans when you're steaming up the house. Poor ventilation and airflow cause mold to grow too. When areas are well ventilated, it seems that mold spores just can't stick to countertops, walls, and floors.

What To Do If You Have Mold In Your Home
Never address the mold yourself, because it can make you sick. Call our service professionals at SERVPRO immediately, and we'll hurry out and address the issue. In fact, our SERVPRO branch of Montgomery County is perfectly situated to handle all of your concerns within 24 hours, and we're locally owned and operated. Give us a call today at (931) 645-1285.

Commercial Fire Damage Can be Rectified

6/25/2016 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Fire Damage Can be Rectified SERVPRO Can Restore Your Fire Damaged Business

SERVPRO Fire Damage Restoration for Your Business

The damage from a fire can seem insurmountable, especially if many of your personal belongings were damaged. We can help you salvage what isn't destroyed by the heat and flames of a fire, saving you from the hassle of replacing your belongings. This fast cleanup also helps you regain your sense of home and family much quicker.

For businesses in Woodlawn that have had fire damage, we can assist you in recovering inventory and other items at your place of business. Sometimes, the only damage is from soot that has settled onto hard surfaces. This by-product of a fire must be removed to preserve your equipment. Without fast wipe down and cleaning, soot will chemically etch your tools and equipment permanently.

How SERVPRO can Help Both Homeowners and Businesses Recoup Their Losses
In addition to cleaning your belongings and equipment to stop the damage of soot and refurbish these items, so they are usable again, we can complete a detailed checklist of your inventory. Presenting this to your insurance carrier is the next step in receiving insurance policy payments to replace items that cannot be recovered.

We will also note which items can be refurbished by outside sources, as is the case with artwork, electronics, and computers. Fire creates particulates that when airborne can find their way onto your electronics' interiors. When you power these items on, and they have not been professionally cleaned the power and soot combined can create secondary fires from electrical shorts.
Experienced Professionals Waiting to Assist You in Your Fire Damage Situation, No Matter How Large or Small
Some fires are small and localized. Don't let this trick you into thinking that the smoke and other damage you witness is inconsequential. Soot has various toxins in it that can affect your health. It should be professionally cleaned and removed from all affected surfaces. If you've had fire damage, call your local SERVPRO of Montgomery County at (931) 645-1285 so we can help you get back on track and get your doors reopened "Like it never even happened."